Skills training in Microsofi Excel 2010

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This training provides you with skills to create, customize, enhance, and share Excel 2010 workbooks.


  • Topics covered in this training include:

  • Working with the Interface Elements

  • Creating and Editing Worksheets

  • Formatting Cell Data

  • Working with Equations and Formulas

  • Creating and Formatting Charts

  • Creating and Formatting Tables

  • Working with PivotTables

  • Working with Pivot Charts

  • Creating, Editing, and Running Macros

  • Working with External Data


Module 1: Course 10296: Beginner Skills in Microsoft Excel 2010

Students will be able to:

1) Create and edit worksheets

2) Format worksheet data

3) Insert charts and graphics

1) Creating and Editing Worksheets


Introduction to Excel 2010

Setting Excel Options

Creating a New Workbook

Adding and Moving Data in a Worksheet

Lab: Creating a Worksheet and Adding Data

Modifying a Worksheet

Working with Worksheets

Adding Formulas

Lab: Manipulating Worksheets

Printing a Worksheet

Self Test

2)Formatting Worksheet Data


Modifying the Formatting of Cells

Using Borders and Margins

Lab: Formatting Cell Data

Introduction to Excel Table Styles

Sorting and Filtering a Data List

Reviewing Workbook Data

Using Proofing Tools

Self Test

3)Working with Charts and Graphics


Creating and Editing Charts

Formatting Charts

Lab: Creating and Formatting Charts

Working with Shapes

Inserting Graphics

Inserting Objects in a Worksheet

Lab: Adding Graphics to a Worksheet

Self Test

Module 2: Course 10393: Intermediate Skills in Microsoft Excel 2010

Students will be able to:

1)Enhance Excel 2010 workbooks.

2)Work with worksheet data.

3)Work with tables and charts.

4)Use the advanced features of Excel 2010

1)Enhancing Workbooks


Modifying Worksheets

Adding Headers and Footers

Editing Worksheets

Working with Office Themes

Formatting and Editing Cells

Conditional Formatting

Inserting Hyperlinks

Formatting Cell Data

Self Test

2)Working with Data


Extending a Data Series

Analyzing Data by Using Data Lists

Cleaning Up and Outlining Data Lists

Using What-If Analysis

Performing Calculations

Working with Data Lists

Self Test

3)Working with Tables and Charts


Creating and Editing Pivot Tables

Formatting PivotTables

Analyzing PivotTable Data

Working with a PivotTable

Working with PivotCharts

Editing Charts

Using Table Styles

Using PivotTables

Self Test

4)Working with Advanced Features of Excel 2010


Setting Excel Options

Setting Workbook Properties

Customizing the Ribbon

Customizing the Quick Access Toolbar

The Track Changes Feature

Linking and Embedding Objects

Sharing a Workbook

Working with the Advanced Features

Self Test

Module 3: Course 10394: Advanced Skills in Microsoft Excel 2010

Students will be able to:

1)Customize Excel 2010.

2)Work with worksheet data.

3)Work with external data.

4)Work with tables and charts.

5)Automate workbooks.

1)Customizing Excel 2010


Setting Excel 2010 Options

Defining Workbook Protection Levels

Customizing Worksheet Views

Self Test

2)Working with Worksheet Data


Manipulating Worksheet Data

Creating Named Ranges

Managing Named Ranges

Inserting Equations

Analyzing Data

Working with a PowerPivot Workbook

Lab: Working with Worksheet Data

Self Test

3)Working with External Data


Defining and Editing External Data Connections

Working with XML Data

Creating and Editing Web Queries

Lab: Working with External Data

Self Test

4)Working with Tables and Charts


Working with Charts

Creating a Sparkline Chart

Creating Different Types of Charts

Adding Trendline to a Chart

Analyzing Pivot Table Data

Lab: Working with Tables and Charts

Self Test

5)Automating Workbooks


Introduction to Macros

Creating a Macro

Editing a Macro

Running and Deleting a Macro

Lab: Working with Macros